Kangaroo Island Beaches

We bet that when we say Kangaroo Island has some of the best beaches in Australia, you think we’re just being biassed. Well, we are a little, but the votes are in, and we aren’t the only ones that think so.

A survey run by Sydney University, evaluating over 10,000 of the country’s beaches put one of ours as number one! Although we tend to think each of our beautiful beaches deserve to share that inaugural top spot!

Stokes Bay


Located on the northern coast of the island, Stokes bay is a beautiful family friendly beach.

Walking through the picturesque rock tunnel at the start of the beach leads out to the illustrious rock pool, where children can swim and explore.

The aptly named Rockpool Cafe is located nearby, with a range of beautiful seafood dishes on the menu. We recommend grabbing the classic Fish and Chips and feasting on the sand!

Emu Bay


Being one of the longer beaches on Kangaroo Island (around 5km!), you’ll have plenty of room to yourself. As you are permitted to drive on, this beach is great for visitors who like outdoor activities, or perhaps just have a picnic in the boot and save your sandwiches from the sand!

We would also recommend taking a quiet night time walk along the beach; rumour has it a flock of famous Fairy Penguins frequent Emu Bay after dark, watching them frolic is a charming sight.

Vivonne Bay


Our award winning star! Of all our beautiful beaches, Vivonne Bay was voted the best. Not only on the Island, or even the state, but in the whole country! And we aren’t surprised at all. Its crystal clear

waters are simply awe inspiring, even in the cooler months. For this, among other reasons, it has become a popular spot for surfers and other water sport enthusiasts too.

A great spot for fishing on the island, this is the only safe harbour on the south coast and fishing vessels can often be seen sheltering from the ferocious southern ocean. Its remote tranquillity allows visitors and locals to take a step back and soak in some true natural Australian beauty.

Pop in to the nearby Vivonne Bay store for their famous Whiting Burger.

D’Esterees Bay


Located on the south of the Island, the main pull towards D’ Esterees Bay is it’s gorgeous waters.

Locals and visitors alike love surfing, swimming and diving at this beautiful part of Kangaroo Island. Quaint and completely unspoiled, the bushland meets to sand to create a charming piece of paradise.



Around 15 minutes drive from Penneshaw, this beach is prime surfing territory! From beginners to advanced level surfers, this is a real ‘all rounder’ spot. The shallow sand banks mean there’s always a wave to ride, even on low surf days.

It is also a glorious location for budding photographers, the natural scenery is breathtaking and although we can’t guarantee you’ll spot them, a pod of wild dolphins are often seen enjoying the waves.

Hanson Bay


Hanson Bay is the perfect example of Kangaroo Island’s beautiful rugged south coastline. If you’d like to get up close and personal with some Australian wildlife, this is the place.

The land 3845 hectares of land is listed as Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and so all animals and vegetation in the area are conserved. Several nature walks are laid out, as this is known as the best place in the area to see wild Koalas in their natural habitat.

Nocturnal tours are also made available through the Visitors Information Centre, which also provides a small cafe for drinks and snacks, in case you get peckish while on your adventures!

It’s a bit of a rough ride to get there as the road is often corrugated, but it’s well worth the bumps!

West Bay


Located in the Flinders Chase National Park, this is the furthest point from the arrival dock at Penneshaw, as thus ‘far from the madding crowd’ as they say. The waters here have been known to be treacherous in the past; the infamous shipwreck of Loch Vennachar occurred here in 1905, where 28 people sadly drowned.

A wooden cross is located in the sands, marking the grave of an unnamed sailor and as a memorial to those lost. This is a wonderful spot to absorb some of the history of Kangaroo Island’s coastline, and appreciate the wildness of the natural habitat.

Always Be Safe

There are many more great beaches on the Island, and some hidden gems. Please always take care when swimming as many of the beaches have strong rips and currents that can take you out to see when the weather conditions are right. It doesn’t have to be a stormy day.

If you have doubts about what the sea is doing, play it safe and stay on the sand, there are no lifeguards at any beaches on KI to save you!