Problems Arising From Improper Disposal

The improper disposal of the garbage in the first place can bring a problem with the tax authorities. Companies that are discharging contaminating materials along river and stormwater networks may end up suffering from fines and other types of sanctions. Also, it is necessary, in some cases, to have proof of the proper destination of the material.

The disposal of organic garbage in the streets also causes problems for the local community and even the establishment itself, since it attracts rats, flies, bad smell, and so on.

To solve this problem, the best method is to target specialized companies. They can often add value to the materials and reduce costs for both sides.

The right way to dispose of restaurant trash

Specific destination companies can significantly improve the results of the environmental management of restaurants. They can take care of the installation of equipment and accessories for segregation of the material, as well as the collection and referral for appropriate treatment. If the restaurant itself wants to do this work, the costs may end up not compensating.

Materials of environmental relevance, especially oils and fats, should be used with companies specializing in this type of collection. They will leave at the establishment a proof of a group that should be presented to the inspection when visiting the company.

Sanitary laws prevent the garbage from being stored, even temporarily, at food preparation sites. So the restaurant should maintain a specific area to store the waste that is waiting for collection.